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I specifically switched to H&R Block because I was sick of paying a lot of money to have my taxes done professionally and then because the other software I started using - HR Block, was costing me far more based on their software package pricing.

I can file my personal taxes, my girlfriends' personal taxes and the taxes for both of our home businesses easily with guidance from HR Block Home and Business.

With our personal taxes, I can input the data just once and it applies it as necessary for both Federal and State returns. When I'm done, I'm DONE.

The same is true of the business returns when filing the State and Federal, it asks me for exactly what it wants in plain English - not cryptic tax jargon language.

Starting about 4 years ago, I began submitting my taxes electronically. The first couple of years I used a few other software programs.

Then I went to the IRS website and used their free file. But since the Free File doesn't open until after January 15th, and I prefer to get my taxes done sooner, I'm back to the over the counter software.

The sooner the taxes are done, the sooner I can quit thinking about them. My taxes are simple and I don't have any odd items to deduct or pay on. It's a straight form. Yet it would cost me nearly $100 to file them if I had someone else do them.

I can do them myself online in less than 30 minutes. They are sent and I know how much of a refund I'm getting back. I even have it set up to directly deposit my refund into my bank account.

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One of the best things about H&R Block Home and Business is that I only have to enter everything once for both State and Federal taxes. It figures out everything from there.

The software is very easy to use and I will be getting the upgrades every year. Right now, the final schedules haven't been set so I will need to grab the upgrade around the 5th of January. Other than that I am good to go.

H&R Block is available in two options, HR Block Online a internet based version and H&R Block Software  a computer based version that you download or order a CD.