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H&R Block Tax Software Editions

HR Block Basic + E-file

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HR Block Home + Business

H&R Block HR Block Software

H&R Block Software is a CD/Download suite of products including these editions - Basic + Efile, Premium + Efile, Premium + State + Efile, Home & Business + Efile.

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H&R Block Online

Tax filers return year after year because they trust the tax experts at H&R Block, another reason is that it’s extremely convenient to go online to the HR Block website at any time to work on your return with fully guided help from the experts.

H&R Block Basic + E-file

Fast: Basic + E-file Quickly imports last year’s tax return data from either H&R Block, TurboTax® or H&R Block office data (only available from participating  offices). Answer simple questions and the program does the rest.

H&R Block Premium + efile

includes extra guidance for more complex tax situations to maximize deductions and one Ask a Tax Advisor session is included. It automatically double-checks your return for errors and includes all the forms you need to complete a more complex federal return.

H&R Block Premium + State + efile

Includes everything from Premium plus Bonus software! WILLPower® included for your family's estate-planning needs, and One state program can be downloaded at no additional cost from within the program.State e-file additional fee.

H&R Block Home + Business

H&R Block Home & Business includes the same features as HR Block Premium Federal + State + E-file, plus everything you need to prepare your business return on 1 CD. Also included is 1 Ask a Tax Advisor session and Worry-free Audit Support® when you e-file.