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What's The Best Tax Software?

Online tax prep programs litter the internet landscape by the dozens, and for the general public it's a confusing medley of products you need to wade through in order to find the best tax return software.

Fortunately here at Best Tax Software .Com, through trial and testing we can narrow it down to what you may already know. The best of the best are already the top selling brands on the market, as they have been for many decades now.

We have found that by using either of these top two brands for your online tax filing you will be far less likely to get hung up on tricky issues you may have for your tax filing needs.

 Best Tax Software For 2016 - 2017

With rating the top two contenders it's easy to see who is dominating the online tax preparation market.

TurboTax has been the number one seller for many decades now as they continue to dominate the sales charts by a large margin. This in turn comes with great support from one of the best consumer satisfaction ratings for any tax software brand on the market.

H&R Block At Home , On the other hand it's hard to ignore the fact that HR Block is the closest competitor to Turbo Tax. HR Block puts a lot more time and effort into localized tax preparation and has over 12,000 office locations with more than 90,000 professional tax preparers around the globe. A substantial force in tax preparation!

TaxAct: TaxAct created a simple and convenient way for you to prepare, file, and manage your tax returns online - fast, safe and secure. Built on decades of experience in providing customers with solutions for tax preparation, electronic filing, and tax-related financial services.

E-Smart-Tax: A useful federal tax guide along with chat and email support helps this brands rating stay in the upper range of consumer friendly tax filing. Free electronic filing is also a great feature here that help simplify the whole tax return preparation and filing process.

e-file: File taxes online with tax preparation software to e-file both your federal and state taxes all for one low price. It's a easy-to-use lighter duty software brand that can help you navigate your way through the annual hassle of filing your taxes.

FreeTaxUSA: File your return in as little as 30 minutes. This web site helps you by skipping sections that don't apply to your tax return. Import previous years tax data to save you time, file your return with simple step-by-step questions and instructions that take the worry away.

This in turn boasts well for HR Block since their tax software is developed with this enormous support from the worlds largest supply of income tax preparation professionals. They are a highly qualified competitor.

Now don't get us wrong, were not going to knock any other brands here, after all, there are many other good brands on the market but, the best tax software brands H&R Block and TurboTax are far ahead of the trailing field. Simply put, they are hugely bigger companies with decades of research, development and expertise that smaller companies generally cant compete with in today's advanced software market.

All in all choosing the best tax software is ideal because, when your preparing to file, the last thing you need is a product that is confusing and stressful to use to estimate tax return liability. After all, doesn't Uncle Sam wanting more money stress you out enough? it does for me.

Now I'm just assuming that that's what you wanted to know, what's the best product to use.

If your looking for the cheapest, well, that's a different story. As stated above, there are many smaller brands out there like TaxBrain, CompleteTax and more that are smaller market share programs.

Fact is they could work for you, but again, you have to be aware of the fact that they don't have the financial backing and decades of development experience that the two best tax software big dogs do.

I'm a stress free filer since I have run the gambit, trying the smaller market share products only to find that the few dollars I saved didn't turn out to be what was important to me after all.

Sometimes that's how I learn the best lessons, trial and error. I'm always trying to simplify everything, and exploring other products is a great way to test and insure your finding the right tools for your personal needs. I have found the best with these software developers.

  • Best Tax Preparation Software

    The best tax prep software programs, TurboTax and H&R Block, are leaders in the industry for many reasons. They both guarantee you the biggest refund, offer extensive support, follow a simple interview process and have easy to follow formats. read more >

  • Best Online Tax Software

     Another specialized area that sticks out for these top two contenders, along with the self employed and property managers filing abilities, is that you can complete your return online from any computer anywhere you have a internet connection.

  • Best Income Tax Software For Federal and State Tax Return Filing

    These products are perfect for federal or state income tax filing, though you don't need to buy both together. Many consumers don't need to file a state return, so being able to buy these products separately can save you some of your hard earned cash. Now that's a good start to a bigger refund!

Do you want confusion or simplicity? Sometimes up front cost isn't what you need to look at. Instead look at cost overall, avoid the stress. HR Block & TurboTax are on top for a good reason, their just better!


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